conceptual city planning of dongying
limited competition 2005 / 1st prize
client: shandong province , china
gross area: 40.000 hectares
dongying is the key city of the yellow river delta. the city is well connected through airport, harbour, expressway and perfectly situated at the crosspoint of six economic zones. the yellow river delta is a large river delta in the eastern coastland of china, an ever growing alluvial land. presently, dongying is an economic city. it has the richest nature resources like oil, gas and minerals. there is great potential for a sustainable city expansion. the objective of the scheme is to fully satisfy the high expectations of the dongying economic development zone (dedz) for an integrated and successful process of urbanisation. a harmonious development of man, technology and nature in a livable city with a bright future. in the future, dongying will become the urban window of the shandong province, with an enormous potential to develop green industries. in an attractive natural environment it will reach towards the sun and the sea to welcome the world.